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Every woman has dated that guy. You know who he is, you like him so much, and you’re trying to make it work. But you’re just never 100% sure he’s really into you. If it feels like he’s not trying, it’s because he isn’t.

Let’s be honest, ladies: we all instinctively know when a guy is playing us, but sometimes we choose not to see it. Women make a million excuses and try to convince themselves there’s a good reason for his lack of efforts or tell themselves they’re just not seeing things clearly (when in fact their gut is already telling them everything they need to know). Beware of the charming devil who says all the right things. Today, our Afton Oaks dating service will show you five signs you’re definitely being played.

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1. You never met his family.

If you’ve been dating this guy for a couple of months and you haven’t met his family (not even a cousin or sister), then you could be being played. If he goes to family events and never brings you along, then he’s keeping you secret. Most men will tell their family about the new woman they’re seeing, especially if the relationship is serious. If you haven’t gotten an invitation and it’s been several months of dating, it’s because he doesn’t want his family to know anything about you.

2. His friends make no efforts to get to know you.

You pushed and pushed and he finally agreed to bring you out for a night on the town with his friends. You couldn’t shake off that feeling that his friends didn’t care to get to know you. They didn’t even care you were there. They acted indifferent towards you and didn’t ask you any questions. It’s not that they’re bad guys, but they’re probably used to meeting many woman their buddy brings around. Why take time to get to know someone who is going to be gone very soon?

3. He doesn’t make future commitments.

In a typical mature relationship, well, it’s a given that you have to plan things out. From weekend get togethers, day trips, small vacations, and even moving in together. The problem with dating a guy who is playing you is that he won’t be able to make set plans with you. He will avoid making any type of plan making because he’s keeping his options open. If he refuses to make even the smallest of plans with you, then you can be certain he’s keeping things casual. It’s time to move on from this guy who can’t commit.

4. He only calls you for a booty call.

You think you’re just keeping things sexy, right? You love having spontaneous sex with him. He comes to your house late at night and you do the deed. That’s fine and dandy, but if that’s all that’s happening in your relationship, then he’s definitely using you for sex. If he’s only calling you late at night (with one thing on his mind), then he only wants that one thing from you. Stop giving him sex because that’s all he’s after. It’s time to wake up and walk away.

5. You heard rumors.

They say that good news travels fast, but it seems like bad news travels even faster. Even the most experienced player will commit a mistake at one point in his life, and one mistake can cost him a lot. It will create a reputation that he’ll never be able to shake. If he is a true player, then you’ll definitely hear rumors about him. If your friends are coming up to you and telling you they know he’s been playing you behind your back, then it’s time to listen to them.

The worst thing about dating is getting blindsided and falling for a player. They always know how to say the right things and make you feel special when all they really want is sex. If you notice these five red flags with your new guy, kick his rear to the curb to leave room for the guy who will treat you right.

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