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It’s easy to meet a nice guy and even easier to be in a relationship with one – What’s not so easy is finding one. As the best matchmakers in Houston, we hear it time and time again: how do I know I found a good guy? How do I know he’s the one for me?

As the best matchmakers in Houston, we understand that it’s not so cut and dry all the time. After all, every woman is looking for something different in a partner. However, there are a few universal signs that a guy is a keeper. So let’s get started.

What really provides intrigue in a relationship is when a woman lives her best life and keeps an eye out to see if her man can keep up with her. Not only does she want to meet and exceed her personal goals in life, but she wants a man to stick around through the ups and downs along the way. Some guys like to brag about how nice they are, how real their feelings are and how they’d never cheat in a relationship, but how many can actually live up to those things? When times get rough, is he really going to be by her side or is he going to disappear without saying anything?

Today, the best matchmakers in Houston are going to reveal the top three signs he’s a true keeper.

1. He has pics of her on his social media pages.

Any guy who is serious about a woman isn’t going to be afraid to tell the world about her. He’ll have her picture all over his social media accounts, he’ll tag her in things they do together, and he’ll include her in some of his updates. How can a girl tell if he’s a keeper? If he’s willing to put her out there and show off their love!

If your man is uncomfortable having pictures of the two of you together, then he’s in it to win it.

2. She has the key to his house.

No man in the world is ever going to give a girl the key to his place, his sanctuary, unless he’s really serious about her. Once a woman has the keys to his house, she’s able to pop in whenever she wants. Only a man who is one hundred percent serious about her will be able to do this type of thing.

He knows that the key is much more than just a key. It’s an open invitation into the most private portion of his life. If you have the key to his house, he’s pretty much already proven he’s a keeper.

3. He says “we” all the time.

Any guy who says “we” instead of “me” or “you” is basically saying he thinks that you guys are a couple. When future events are in question, he’s thinking in terms of you guys being together for the long haul. Similarly, he’ll automatically assume he’ll never be just a “me” again.

Any guy invested in a long-term relationship is willing to acknowledge his first priority, which will be you. What does that mean? It means the next time someone asks him if he’s available to join in at a party or family event next month, your man will respond, “Let me talk to my girlfriend and see if we’re available that day.” Ahh, how sweet does that sound? He’s already assuming you’ll be going with and considering your schedule too.

There are many ways to tell when a guy is a good one. You just have to know what to keep your eye out for. If he wants the world to know who you are, trusts you in his most personal space when he’s not there, and always considers you in plan making, he sees you as an important part of his life.

Do you have yourself a keeper, or are you still looking for one?

If you’re not having any luck finding a good guy to call your own, let the best matchmakers in Houston help. Here at Houston Singles Dating Service, we do the hard work of dating for you. We know you have a busy schedule and don’t want to waste your time meeting unfit guys. We’ll get to know you one-on-one and find out all your likes and dislikes in dating. From there, we’ll screen potential matches for you based on your personal dating criteria and only introduce you to men who have great potential.

Are you tired of wasting your time on dates that don’t pan out? Ready to meet quality single men in Houston with whom you share long-term compatibility? Contact the best matchmakers in Houston today and let us introduce you to the one!

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