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As elite Houston matchmakers, we know that texting is an important part of dating. Texting isn’t just a certain number of characters sent to someone to read. There are many rules and tricks when composing the perfect text message. With never-ending reasons to send a text message comes a never-ending library of messages, usually crafted and sent by a habitual texter.

The art of texting can be very complex; we may not realize it, but every single one of us can identify a type of texter. And we may also be able to identify which type of texter we are. Some texting habits can actually make men want to run away and block the sender.

Yikes! You don’t want that sender to be you!

3 Bad Texting Habits of Women

Whether you’re currently seeing someone or not, these bad habits are crucial for you to know. Today, our elite Houston matchmakers are going to reveal bad texting habits of women.

1. Too lengthy and drawn out messages.

Someone who is able to show that they are articulate in sharing their thoughts is a great. When texting, it’s important to break apart different thoughts through different messages. There is only so much material we’re able to understand via a text message.

Texting is supposed to be short and sweet. Straight to the point. A guy is looking for the point of your text messages. Make it a goal to compose shorter messages for him. One of women’s worst texting habits is writing lengthy texts with unnecessary information. Men want to glance down and see a simple text conveying what you’re trying say – easy does it, ladies.

2. Trying to be funny.

Never underestimate a good sense of humor. Don’t get us wrong, having a good sense of humor is key when it comes to dating as it makes things less serious. This is especially important during the early stages of a relationship. But humor can come with some questionable habits.

Some hilarious hotties have the tendency to hide behind their sense of humor. Some women try to build themselves up through humor and go overboard. Whatever you do, don’t use so much humor that he can’t access any other part of your personality. A few well-placed lines will do the trick, ladies.

3. Messaging when bored.

We all lead extremely busy lives. All of us have multiple outlets in our lives which require a lot of our attention. With that being said, our time is very important = it’s a gift. But let’s face it, there are some people who just seem to go home after work and be bored out of their minds. They end up sitting home shooting off text messages to anyone and everyone – about everything and nothing.

You know the type, and perhaps you’ve been a bored texter yourself. We’ve all been to the point where we want someone to talk to, but make sure you know that your date isn’t busy doing something important.

A guy who doesn’t know you that well might may not appreciate the texts. You shouldn’t be texting him all day because you’re bored out of your mind. He is busy doing other things and doesn’t have time for your bombardment of texts. Plus, it shows that you’re bored. In other words, you have nothing else going on. It shows a lack of inner resources too. And we don’t have to tell you that guys don’t want to date a woman who can’t entertain herself. Men want a woman who is independent and living a fulfilling life.

Don’t lose out on a great guy because of bad texting habits. Know how to use texting to your advantage in dating. Avoid these three bad texting habits that have cost many other women the possibility of a great guy.

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