Fed Up with Tinder? Here's How to Meet Single Men in Houston

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Tinder is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, dating app out there.  This seemingly simple app was designed to help people hook up with local singles.  It be fun for those enjoying their college days, but you’re mature and looking for a meaningful relationship, so Tinder isn’t working for you.  Yes, it might offer a quick way to meet single men in Houston, but the men you’re meeting via Tinder are only interested in one thing: hooking up!  When it comes to landing a meaningful relationship, Tinder always falls short.

We’re not sure about you, but we don’t know of any hookups that grew into meaningful relationships.  With that being said, let our upscale Houston matchmakers show you how to meet single men in Houston who are relationship-minded and not into Tinder.

sinlge men in houston

1. Start volunteering.

We get it, you have a busy schedule with no time to yourself as it is now.  But if you want to meet relationship-minded men in Houston, then volunteering is one of the best ways.  Find a cause that you’re passionate about because it will make giving up your free time that much better.

Just think of all the quality men you’ll meet while volunteering.  You’ll meet gentlemen you’ll be proud to bring home to your parents.  If you are volunteering for the same cause, then you already share similar interests.  Maybe you both care about animals, homeless people, or the elder.  It doesn’t matter what you have in common here, it’s something very near and dear to both of your hearts, something you’re both passionate about and can bond over.  And even if you don’t meet anyone while volunteering, you’re at least doing something to help others in your community.

2. Focus on improving yourself.

We’re sure you heard this advice many times before, but it’s true.  If you want to meet single men in Houston who are quality, you need to be a quality woman yourself.  When you focus on yourself, love will come to you.  It can be totally frustrating to see all your friends in a relationship when you’re the last single friend left, but constantly searching for a man isn’t a good idea.  You shouldn’t settle for less than you deserve just because you want to have a relationship.

When you focus on improving yourself, the right man will appear, and that’s something were certain of.  It usually happens as soon as you start bettering your life.  The way you better your life is totally up to you.  You can advance in your career, focus on your body, take new classes, embark on a new hobby, or do whatever it is you enjoy.

3. Dress up when you go out.

The great thing about Tinder is that you’re able to give off a good first impression by the pictures you post.  You can even edit your photos and make yourself look more attractive.  In real life, however, you can’t walk around with a filter.  So how do you attract quality men in the real world?  By looking your best.

Instead of dressing down when you go out, try to dress up a little.  We understand that you might not want to dress up to run errands, but what if your dream man is out running errands too?  You just never know when the man of your dreams will appear.  And unlike Tinder—where you can edit yourself—in the real world, you only get one change to get it right.

4. Attend events solo.

Going out all by yourself might be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.  Instead of calling your friends to tag along, go places by yourself.  Whether it’s going for a walk, going shopping, visiting a museum, checking out a concert, or even grabbing food at your favorite restaurant, go alone.  Why?  Because you make yourself approachable to men.

Men are afraid to approach women in groups because they fear rejection.  When you’re alone, they’re not that afraid, which means you’ll probably be approached.  If a man notices you all by yourself, he’s more likely to approach you and keep you company.  It’s less intimidating for a man to approach a woman who is alone rather than one surrounded by a big group of friends.

You’re fed up with Tinder and other mobile dating apps and are looking for ways to meet single men in Houston, but maybe your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to look for men on your own, and that’s where we come in.  We can introduce you to quality single men in Houston in a private and time-saving way.  Let our expert matchmakers do the hard work of dating for you!  To start meeting local men in Houston, fill out the survey on the top of this page and request your FREE 90-minute matchmaking consultation today.

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