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Are you a successful woman who has made it very far in her career but is struggling to meet relationship-minded men in Houston?  Well, you’re not alone.

There are thousands of single women in Houston who are in your shoes right now.  Whether you recently moved here or have lived here your whole life, you probably know that it’s very difficult to advance in your career and maintain a healthy dating life.

You probably thought that because Houston is home to many affluent men, it would be easy to meet a career-oriented guy and settle down.  But the truth is, maintaining a successful career and dating life can prove to be challenging.  But that’s something you know firsthand.

Here are a few challenges single women in Houston face every day.

single women in houston

1. Thousands of single men that aren’t ready for love.

Of course, Houston is well known for being home to some of the most affluent men in the whole world.  However, just because Houston is home to many bachelors doesn’t mean they’re all ready to settle down.  After no luck in the Houston dating scene, you’ve probably come to realize that the odds are not in your favor and that it’s very difficult to meet someone serious.

2. You work long hours every week and have no time to date.

Let’s face it, Houston is a very expensive city—perhaps one of the most expensive cities in the nation.  So, of course, you’re going to have to put in more time at work to cover the bills.  While you might have a healthy bank account, your dating life is unhealthy and craving much more than you giving.

3. You meet men, but none of them are serious.

When you finally get time to go out with your friends, you meet plenty of men in the city.  It’s just too bad none of them are serious about dating.

4. Single men in Houston like to play dating games.

Not only in Houston but everywhere in the country.  Houston is home to beautiful single women, something every guy knows all-too-well.  Many men go from one woman to the next (some might even say faster than they change underwear!).

You could have a wonderful date with a guy and never hear from him again because he found someone who looks better.  Now, don’t worry, he’ll do the same thing to her when someone else comes his way.  Like we said, some men just aren’t ready to settle down, especially the ones who frequent the bars and online dating sites, so beware.

5. Men tend to ghost a lot today.

When you finally meet someone you think is actually relationship material, they pull a disappearing act and disappear on you forever.

With all these challenges, it can leave you wondering where you can meet relationship-minded single men in Houston, and that’s where we come in.

Let us show you why thousands of single women in Houston have already hired our services.

The Benefits of Working with One of Our Personal Matchmakers

1. Our matchmaker work with serious singles.

No, not serious that they don’t know how to have a good time.  Absolutely not!  Serious as in they’re serious about finding love.  All of our clients have passed a thorough background check and screening process to become a part of our services.  They are safe to date and 100% serious about finding love, not like those guys you’re meeting on your own.  That’s what we call stress-free dating at its finest.

2. Our male clients want a successful woman like yourself.

Our successful male clients work long hours at work, just like you.  And just like you, they’re also tired of meeting people who aren’t serious about their careers, life goals, and dating.  It’s like a match made in heaven for you!

They don’t want to waste their time dating anyone who isn’t successful, intelligent, and serious about dating, just like you.

3. Our male clients are ready to settle down and start a family.

Nobody hires us because they want to continue dating forever.  They hire us with hopes of turning the next date into a serious relationship.  The main purpose in hiring us is to find a great life partner.

4. Our male clients are successful and accomplished.

Just like you have made it very far in your career, so have our male clients.  You can rest assured that every man you meet is successful and accomplished, not like the losers that flood the online dating sites and mobile dating apps.

Are you ready to find out firsthand why so many single women in Houston have turned to our personal matchmakers to find love?  Stop looking for love online, stop swiping through duds, stop wasting your time hoping to meet Mr. Right at the bars and clubs, and let one of our personal matchmakers help you find love in Dallas today.

Our matchmaking & introductions services are exclusive, private, and highly personal.  We take the stress out of dating and make it fun again.  You work hard, so let us help you find that special someone you can share your success with.  Our exclusive matchmaking service is the preferred way to find love in Houston.  We are a dating service for executive singles who refuse to settle for anything less than they deserve.  The only thing our clients ever regret is not turning to us sooner!

If you’re ready to start dating the quality men you deserve, fill out the private questionnaire at the top of the page and request your FREE matchmaking consultation today.  Our friendly and dedicated matchmakers invite you to come in and join us for a 90 minute, one-on-one interview to get to know us and find out how we can help you date at the level you deserve.

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