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Man or woman, we all have our own insecurities. Nobody is perfect, and everyone has their flaws. But you never want to end up with a man who comes with insecurities that could ruin your relationship down the road – or worse, your own self-esteem.

Dating a guy with insecurities is one thing, but dating someone who is overly insecure is another. You never want to date a guy who is so insecure in himself and the relationship that he takes control of your life. Insecure guys are known for becoming possessive, controlling, and even abusive.

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To help you avoid falling into the claws of an overly insecure guy, our Friendswood matchmakers are here to open your eyes to the major red flags his insecurities are unhealthy and pose a threat to you and your relationship.

1. He takes it further than teasing.

It’s common – and quite cute – to tease each other in a relationship. However, it’s a whole other thing to put each other down. If your guy is making negative comments about your style, size, looks, personality, or intelligence, be wary. If you find yourself on the receiving end of hurtful comments all the time, it’s time to get out. This guy is slowly tearing away at your self-esteem so he can eventually control you.

2. You are his world.

Is your guy a self-proclaimed loner? Does he lack friends? If he has friends, does he badmouth them and avoid hanging out with them? Does he isolate himself and only hang out with you? If he doesn’t have any friends, ask yourself why.

3. He takes everything to the extreme.

Does he threaten to leave every time you have a disagreement? Does he always tell you he’s going to break up with you if he doesn’t get his way? Well, wake up, because that’s not normal.

Mature people can talk it out and come up with a solution without going to the extreme. If your guy is trying to manipulate you with threats, it’s because he’s insecure. When a guy has a weak ego, he becomes very controlling and manipulative.

4. He stalks your social media pages.

You might’ve thought this was really cute in the beginning. You couldn’t get a thing past this guy, and you found it very flattering that he was so into you. But now you’re realizing he sees everything you post, everything you comment on, and every single thing you like. That’s right, he doesn’t miss a thing, and he makes himself known on your posts whether you want him to or not.

He’s liking and commenting on everything you do just to make sure everyone can see it. It’s almost become an obsession of his, and you’re growing very annoyed. Social media stalking is a major red flag of insecurity. And let us warn you right now, it’s only going to get worse as the relationship progresses and he gets more comfortable with you.

5. Criticism is a no-go.     

Criticism? Oh, no way. You can’t do or say anything that will poke at this guy’s ultra-fragile ego. This guy can’t take criticism to save his life. You think that because he does more than give you constructive criticism (he full out attacks your entire being) that you can give him some productive criticism. What were you thinking? Uh-uh, no way. This guy is going to lash out the very second you question him or make him look smaller. If your guy can’t discuss or listen to his own shortcomings or personality flaws, it’s because he’s overly insecure and can’t handle the truth.

So now that you know the top five signs of an overly insecure guy, what do you say? How does your guy measure up? Does he possess healthy insecurities, or is he overly insecure?

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