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Smartphone obsession causing problems

It’s never a good feeling to get cheated on by your partner. It’s absolutely devastating, yet it’s very easy to do now thanks to social media. From dating apps to social media sites, our Houston dating service knows the opportunity to cheat is everywhere. Sadly, far too many people take advantage of those opportunities. Are you suspicious of your guy? Could your boyfriend be using Facebook to step out of the relationship?

6 Warning Signs He’s Cheating Via Facebook

If you’ve been questioning the behaviors of you guy, question no more. Today, our Houston dating service is going to reveal the top signs he’s cheating on you via Facebook.

1. He gets texts at night.

Even if your partner tends to stay up late, don’t overlook late night text messages. Why is his “work buddy” or “friend” texting him so late, especially all the time? Unless your partner’s work buddy has a work emergency or his friend is in some serious trouble, they can save those text messages for the right time.

If you constantly hear his phone going off late at night, you have every right to question who it is. In fact, you would be crazy not to.

2. You don’t get those inside jokes on his Facebook account

While you don’t need to be in on every aspect of your boyfriend’s life, it’s nice to know some things. If he’s constantly posting inside jokes on his Facebook or getting comments from someone you’ve never heard, don’t brush it off. This is especially true if it’s someone he’s never bothered to tell you about or refuses to talk about.

If he has no explanation and ignores your questions, he’s up to something. And worse yet if he gets very defensive or storms out on you.

3. He doesn’t leave his phone laying around.

It’s normal to leave your phone on the counter or sofa when you go get a shower. But if your boyfriend can’t even go get something out of the fridge without bringing his phone with him, this could be a sign he’s cheating on you.

Does he always have his phone in hand? Does he even come back to get it the second he realizes he left it lying on the couch when he gets up to grab a drink? This is very suspicious activity that you need to talk to him about. Wouldn’t you love to know what it is that he’s hiding?

4. You wake up to see him on his phone during the night.

We all have trouble falling and staying asleep from time to time. We end up scrolling endlessly down our phones until we get tired and fall back asleep. However, if you wake up to find your boyfriend furiously messaging someone on Facebook, only for him to quickly exit out of the site or turn their phone so you can’t see who they are talking to, you have to wonder what’s going on here. Why is he hiding his phone from you? And better yet, who is he messaging all night?

5. He gets engrossed in conversations.

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to have a conversation with someone when they’re staring at their phones so hard they don’t even hear a word you say. If your boyfriend frequently gets so into his phone that you feel like you’re talking to yourself, it makes sense that you’d start to suspect if he’s cheating on you.

Unless he has a valid excuse – say his boss is emailing him about a project he’s working on – then it’s certainly questionable. Don’t shy away from asking what’s got his attention or why he can’t pry himself away from his phone.

6. He gets defensive when you bring up his phone

Whenever you dare to bring up his phone, he either freaks out on you or even accuses you of being on your phone more than him. Don’t be fooled, this is classic deflection. Furthermore, it’s also a huge sign he could be guilty of cheating on you. Cheaters often turn the tables and accuse their partners of wrongdoing. Don’t let him get away with this tactic on you.

How many of these signs do you notice in your guy? Is he cheating on you? Don’t stay with a cheater another day. You deserve someone who will love you and remain faithful in your relationship.

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