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Do you feel there’s something weird about the man you’re dating but can’t put your finger on it?  Like something isn’t right between the two of you but you continue to date him anyways?  Is that little voice inside telling you something is a little off?  Well, that’s probably because something is wrong.  If something is making you feel uncomfortable, something is off in your relationship and it’s important to figure out what that is.  As the leading Houston dating service, we’ve helped many women find and create lasting relationships and can help you too.

So what is it?  What’s going on with this guy?  Maybe this problem has to do with his mom and her effect on him.  Wait.  What?  Yep, that’s right, maybe you have been dating a mama’s boy.  Now, we’re not saying mama’s boys are bad guys to date, but they do have their own set of problems to deal with.  Today, our Houston dating service is going to show you the top signs to watch out for.  If you end up discovering that the man you’re dating is a mama’s boy, we wish you the best of luck.

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1. He needs to run everything by his mom.

If your jaw starts to drop with this one, then we’re sorry to be the ones to tell you that you are dating a mama’s boy.  Not all men have to run everything by their mothers, but a mama’s boy will.  He will have to consult with his mom about everything going on in his life.

A mama’s boy will not be capable of making his own decisions, including things that take place in his relationship.  So if you are dating a mama’s boy, you’ll have two choices: either ask him why he’s not able to make his own decisions and stick by him, or leave him.  There is no third option here.

2. He doesn’t see a problem with his relationship with her.

This is perhaps the biggest problem you’ll encounter when you date a mama’s boy.  You will have to put up with a man who doesn’t see a problem with the relationship he has with his mom.  Mama’s boys don’t really worry about anything because they think their mom will always come solve all their issues.

His mom has always helped him with his problems (and always will).  She’s been there for everything in his life, so he expects her to swoop in and help him with everything he encounters.  Do you really want to date a man who can’t fend for himself?

3. He never turns down her phone calls.

This one is a given.  If a man can’t turn down his mother’s call no matter what is going on at the time, then you’re definitely dating a mama’s boy.  If you are dating a man who just can’t ignore his mother’s call, then you’re bound to get irritated.  After all, what woman wants her man to answer a phone call in the middle of a romantic dinner date?

4. He lets his mother decorate his home.

If you just went to his place for the first time and noticed how wonderfully decorated the home is, don’t ask.  Chances are, his mom did it for him.  Again, this goes back to not being able to do anything on his own.  Do you really want to date a man who can’t decide how to decorate his home?  A man who relies on his mom for everything isn’t really the type of man you want to be with, especially if you plan on having a family down the road.

5. His mother is very nosey.

Being in a relationship with a mama’s boy means his mom will not stop sticking her nose in your business.  She can’t stop asking him questions about the relationship.  But things don’t end there: she will always voice her opinion about it and about you.  If you are dating a mama’s boy, there is a 100% chance that she’ll be poking her nose in all the wrong places.

Sure, it is wonderful to date a man who is close to his mother.  But we all know how annoying a nosey mom can be.  Now, we’re not saying you need to break up with him, but realize that this is something that will cause problems for you down the road, especially if you’re a private person.

6. He can’t stop praising her.

A mama’s boy will never stop praising his mom.  This guy will act like his mom is the most perfect person in the world, better than you.  He will always talk about her positive traits and skills around the house.  Whether it’s her cooking and baking skills, her decorating and gardening skills, or just how smart, caring, and funny she is to be around, you’ll never hear the end of it.  Again, it’s wonderful for a guy to love and praise his mom, but it is difficult to deal with if he’s constantly comparing you to her.

7. His mom is his emergency contact.

Do you think you’re going to be a mama’s boy’s emergency contact?  Think again.  His mom has owned that spot since kindergarten.  When we’re mature, we expect our partners to be there for us, but that’s not the way it works with a mama’s boy.  As the name indicates, a mama’s boy will turn to his mother for everything.

He will call her when he has a stomach ache or when he has the flu and needs her to prepare her famous homemade chicken soup.  His mother is his love, world, life, and everything in between, and he doesn’t see a problem with any of it.  This will certainly be a problem for you because you’ll never be able to do anything as wonderfully as his mom.

8. He will take her side over yours.

If you’re dating a mama’s boy, you might have already found out the hard way that he always take her side when it comes to arguments.  If you and his mother don’t agree on something, don’t expect him to stand behind you.  It just won’t happen.  After all, in his eyes, his mother is always right, no matter what.  Remember when we said that in his eyes she’s perfect?  Get used to it.

Dating a mama’s boy surely has many challenges, more so than you might be willing to put up with.

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