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So you’re thinking about dating a divorced guy, maybe you’re already dating him, or perhaps it’s something you’ll run into in the future. Well, here are some helpful tips to prepare yourself for the advantages and challenges of dating a divorced man.

Our Houston matchmakers work with divorced singles in Houston every day, so we have experience in divorced dating, along with the divorced dating advice you need. Let our Houston dating service show you our ultimate guide for dating a divorced guy. Don’t be scared, it can be a lot of fun and very fulfilling.

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Things You Need to Know

If you’ve never been married before, it can definitely be intimidating to date someone who has. It can be hard to date someone who gave their love to someone. But you must understand that a marriage is just like any other relationship and can fail. You also need to find out if he’s fully divorced. After all, you need to protect yourself from getting involved with a man who is not emotionally available. And while you’re on the topic, you want to find out why the relationship failed so you know what baggage to expect. Find out if he has children, as this will play a huge role in your dating life.

Positive Things to Consider

Don’t worry, dating a divorced guy doesn’t just bring challenges. As dating and relationship experts, we know there are many perks too. He will understand how to handle a woman much better because he’s already lived with one. He will know how to communicate in a mature way and understand how to handle a relationship in general. Chances are he’s more established since he’s been married and settled. It’s likely that his bachelor days are gone and he’s more focused on his career and love.

How to Start Out

Remember that a divorced guy will be turned off by immature behavior since he’s already mature and looking for something serious. When you approach a divorced guy, you must be on your best behavior.

On another note, his friends and family may not be receptive of you right away. They want to protect him, and you need to understand that. You don’t have to go all out to impress them, just give it time.

Don’t Rush Things Along

Since this man has been through a lot of pain, he’ll probably want to take things slow. Don’t ever rush a relationship with a divorced man. Give him time and let him show you his emotional side. It is important to respect his boundaries and take things slow.

Figure Out What He Wants

Make sure he’s not using you as a rebound. Otherwise, you’re going to get hurt because rebound relationships don’t last. Make sure he’s not jaded about marriage and commitment. It’s okay to ask him what he’s learned from his past relationships and what he’s looking for now. Don’t bring up the past too much, as this might bring out a lot of pain for him.

How to Behave Around His Kids

It’s important that you don’t meet the children right away. Children are often traumatized by divorce and get attached to one person, which can create a lot of anxiety, resentment, and anger. Make sure you and your man really get along well and that the relationship is stable before you ever meet his kids. Also remember that it’s not your place to discipline them. Don’t be fake around them just to win them over. You need to be yourself and let them warm up to you at their own speed.

At the end of the day, you should feel optimistic and happy about dating a divorced guy. Divorced men know how to treat a woman right. You just need to be patient for him to come around. Also, be flexible, and remember that if he has children, they will always come first.

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