Houston Dating Service Reviews Signs of a Worthy Relationship

When things start to get sour in your relationship you might ask whether it’s worth staying and fighting for it. Today, our Houston professional matchmakers will review the signs your relationship is worth fighting for.
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When things start to get sour in your relationship you might ask whether it’s worth staying and fighting for it. Today, our Houston professional matchmakers will review the signs your relationship is worth fighting for.

Nearly half of the marriages in the US will end in divorce. In an age where people throw things away rather than fixing them, here at Houston Singles Dating Service, our matchmakers know people are doing the same with their relationships.

The statistics don’t lie. Divorce rates are at an all-time high, more so than ever before. So what does this say about our society? What it says is that people would rather leave the relationship at the first sign of a problem rather than to stay and fix it. Nowadays, everything is too fast; even our thoughts are fast. We need to calm down, slow down, and enjoy what we have in front of us.

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How Can You Tell Your Relationship Is Worth Fighting For?

Every relationship is different, and every partner is different; however, if you have no clue where to begin, our Houston dating experts have some general signs that will point you in the right direction. Keep these pointers in mind when contemplating what to do about your own relationship.

1. You Have Invested a Lot into It

Investing in your relationship is a natural part of being in a relationship. It could mean investing time, money, efforts, or tears. For example, if you were involved in a long distance relationship and you finally made the move to be close together, you certainly should give it another chance and fight for it. There is no way you would have done all that sacrificing to not keep fighting for it.

Another example is being financially invested to it. Not just for the relationship, but for other aspects such as a company you bought together or properties you purchased. Many long term relationship partners buy houses or even businesses together. The more the two of you have invested, the more you should think about giving it another chance and fighting to keep things alive.

2. You’ve Been Together for a Long Time

If this relationship is one that has lasted many years, you also might want to fight for it. All the time and energy you have invested to make it work should not go down the drain. In this situation, you need to think about your partner and what you can do to make it work. There is nothing worse than dedicating love, time, energy, and efforts into a relationship and then walking away at the first sign of a problem.

3. There Are Commitments

You should seriously think twice about leaving your relationship if you and your partner have a life together and share multiple responsibilities. For example, if you have children together. Unlike with furniture that can easily be split, children cannot. If you have children together, you need to stay and fight for the relationship a lot harder than if you did not have the responsibilities of children together.

4. You’re Together Beyond the Fear of Loneliness

If you are with your partner just because you are afraid of being alone, then that’s not a good sign. However, if you the reasons you are together extend more than just the fear of loneliness, then that’s a good sign you should stay. Being with someone is more than just filling a void. It requires a lot of emotional and physical aspects. If you can list positive reasons why you are with your partner, then you should keep fighting for the relationship.

5. You Bring Each Other Up

You’re probably wondering whether you should stay or leave because you’re facing a difficult time right now. Before making that hard decision, our Houston dating and relationship experts want you to look back at all those times you spent together and see if you and your partner brought each other up. If neither of you supported each other through difficult times, then you can start packing your suitcase right now.

On the other hand, if you and your partner were always there for each other despite the troubles you were facing, despite the bickering, then you should definitely stay and fight for your relationship. Remember that being with someone is not always going to be rainbows and sunny days. There are going to be ugly times and ugly days. There will be darkness and no more butterflies, but that’s just what happens in every relationship. So if you love them, it’s worth trying to fix things.

6. You Can Be Your True Self

The fact that you can be yourself whenever you are with your partner should be your number one clue that you should stay in your relationship. We tend to put up a façade every day. And whether it’s at work, the grocery store, or with friends, it happens. We all want to make ourselves look better. And whether it’s by leading people to believe we make more money, drive a better car, or lead a different type of life, we are always projecting ourselves in a better light. However, if you can be your true self with your partner, and be loved for it, you should stay and fight for your relationship.

7. There Is Chemistry

If you still love your partner, that’s a good sign you should be in your relationship. Once that initial flame is lost, not many people will stay and fight. If you two are able to still love each other like you did at the beginning, you should give your relationship another go.

8. There Is Honesty & Trust Between You

Our Houston dating experts can’t stress this one enough. Honesty and trust are two key elements to a successful relationship, and without it, no relationship will ever survive. If both of you can trust each other, it’s a sign your relationship is a healthy one.

On the other hand, relationships are a two-way street. So if only one partner values honesty and trust, it will not work, no matter what you do.

It’s easy to think about leaving your partner when things are on the down and out, but when you look back and see all the things the two of you have done together, and see how great you both are together, it can prevent you from giving up. Now that you know, are you ready to fight for your relationship?

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