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In the pursuit of love, it’s very difficult to distinguish a good guy from a bad one.  Throw attraction into the mix and you’ll be unable to tell them apart.  It’s cool to experiment and learn valuable lessons in love.  And it’s great to discover what makes you happy in life.  However, if you’re like many single women in Houston, then we know you’re dating because you want the real deal.

To help you avoid frustration and heartache, our Houston dating service will show you the worst single men in Houston to date.  If you encounter one of these guys, you need to walk away.  Believe us, your dating life will get a lot better when you learn to spot these guys right away.

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1. The guy who’s too busy for a relationship.

It’s easy to turn down a guy who takes you to his house to play video games for a date over a romantic evening for two.  But it can be hard when you find someone very intriguing.  Whether it’s his passion for sushi or love for mountain climbing, he definitely has a lot going on in life.  But that’s just it.  He has so many things going on in his life that he doesn’t have a second for himself, let alone you.  If you date someone who is too busy for a relationship, you’re always going to fight for his attention.

2. The guy on the rebound.

Unless your only goal is to have a one-night stand, then we don’t want you to date someone like this.  A guy who is recovering from a heartache is not going to give you his undivided attention.  Maybe you’re hoping he’ll love you in the future when he’s 100% healed.  But still, you need to get away from him as fast as you can.  If the timing is right, then the two of you will eventually reunite down the road.  But for now, move onto more promising men.

3. The guy who’s fun but unstable.

There’s always magic when he comes around.  He’s the type of guy who knows how to have a good time. You can’t anticipate his next move, and that’s what you love about him.  He’s always on the go.  He makes you feel more alive than you’ve ever been before.  Until the next morning when he leaves you with an emotional hangover that makes you wish you weren’t alive.  It was a great adrenaline rush, but that’s just it.  There’s nothing more to him but fun.

4. The guy who makes you his whole world.

Maybe it’s flattering to have a guy who makes you his whole world.  Give it time though and you’ll realize that he’s suffocating you.  A man who revolves his life around you lacks substance and is controlling, neither of which are good for a relationship.

5. The guy who can’t make up his mind.

Forget about any guy who can’t figure out how he feels towards you.  If he likes you, he should be able to tell you from the beginning.  Indecision is not attractive.  In fact, it can be a recipe for disaster.

6. The guy who is selfish.

Does he treat you like a sex toy, not like an equal partner?  Then walk away.  Are you constantly trying to impress him but feel unfulfilled?  Are you more worried about his comments on your performance rather than your own satisfaction?  Then it’s time to ditch him for good.

7. The guy who crushes a lot.

It’s a tricky balance for many women because many women want a guy who is a smooth talker, someone who is attractive.  But they never want to end up with a player.  Ladies, remember that you can’t change a player.  Players are attractive to look at but not to be in a relationship with.  These guys belong in your past, so don’t allow them in your life anymore.

8. The guy you want to improve.

If the guy in your life feels like a fixer upper, walk away.  Whether his quirks are simply incompatible with yours or he has some major life issues to work through, you can’t expect to fix him.  If your only reason to date him is to fix him, you need to rethink your priorities.

  1. Save your projects for things around the house.

Don’t make dating any harder than it needs to be by falling for one of these guys.  If you’re struggling to meet quality single men in Houston, contact the best Houston dating service today and let our expert matchmakers do the hard part of dating for you.

If you’re ready to take your dating life to the next level in 2018, fill out the confidential survey at the top of the page to reserve your FREE consultation today!

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