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Everyone reaches a point in their lives when they don’t feel happy.  People don’t know if they’re happy with their relationship or if it’s taking too much out of their time and energy.  Maybe your partner feels the same way.  In order to figure out what’s going on in your relationship, you need to talk to your partner about the problem.  Instead of throwing in the towel and calling it quits, maybe all you need is to take a step back from each other for a little breathing room and to go back to each other once your heads are clear.  A little break can help you figure out whether you both want to be in this relationship or if it’s better to call it quits.

There shouldn’t be any shame in taking a relationship break.  If you feel like your relationship has been stressful lately, we want you to read this article before you throw in the towel.  After all, it’s not easy to find love, so you don’t want to let it go if you can work it out.  Let our Houston matchmakers show you three signs you could benefit from a relationship break.

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1. Someone Has Wandering Eyes

Have you caught your partner with a wandering eye (they basically stare at every person who walks past them)?  When this happens, it’s obviously not only to you but to everyone around you.  Wandering eyes can be very frustrating.  If you see that your partner is constantly checking out members of the opposite sex, it’s time to talk to them about it.  Ask your partner how they would feel about taking a small break.  Let them know that you don’t appreciate the way they check out attractive people as they walk past.  At the same time, if they’re merely admiring other people’s beauty and you’re taking it out of context, then you need to figure out why you’re so jealous and work on your insecurities.  After all, everyone is entitled to admire others as long as they’re not doing it in a disrespectful way.

2. There’s No Support

Having no support from your partner can definitely destroy your confidence and bring you down to a point that it’s hard to come up.  Not having any support from your partner is one of the worst things you can feel in a relationship, especially when you care for your partner and want things to work out.

It’s not easy to leave it all behind, but if you want your relationship to grow, you might need a small break.  This small break can teach your partner to appreciate you and to value the relationship a little more.  You need to express to your partner that you need support from them and that the relationship will not work out unless they give it to you.  Hopefully this small break will get them to understand where they’re lacking in the relationship.

3. There’s No Communication

Communication is key to any relationship.  It acts as they glue that keeps everything together.  Always keep the lines of communication open.  And if they don’t seem to be open, you need to talk to your partner about it.  Work towards new goals and spend more time together.  If you need to think things through and work on your feelings, maybe take a small break.  If you’re lacking communication in your relationship, you need to address it right away.  Don’t sweep it under the rug and postpone it for later.  Talk about how you feel and be open with each other.  Ask questions and learn how you can both improve the lines of communication because you’ll never have a successful relationship without it.

Taking a break from a relationship doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  It can actually give you each time to think things through and to evaluate the relationship.  Sometimes all it takes is a little breathing room to clear your heads and figure out if you want to make this relationship work.  So are you ready for a small break?  Is it something you’re going to try?

If the break did not help your relationship and you end up splitting for good, then it’s time to let our Houston matchmakers do the matching and introduce you to someone with great potential for long-term compatibility.  We’ll get to know you on a deep level to find out everything you’re looking for in a partner and only introduce you to quality men who fit your specific criteria.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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