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Every woman knows them.  Every woman hates them.  Every woman wishes she could spot them from a mile away and keep them at a distance.  You know what type of men we’re talking about—the guys who will break your heart.  Oh, yes, we’re talking about guys you wish didn’t exist when you venture out in the dating world.  But don’t worry, our Houston matchmakers have your back.  Check out the single men in Houston you want to avoid in romantic life.  If you see them out and about, run for the hills!  Trust us, these are the four guys that you’ll wish you never fell for, so do yourself a favor and keep them at a distance.

As Houston matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience helping single women like yourself, we know that finding the one takes time and patience—it’s something you should never rush.  If you’re consistently bumping into these four types of guys, don’t get discouraged with dating.  Simply move on and warn your best friends about them too.

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1. The Ultra Career-Driven Guy

He’s probably one of the most common guys out there.  This guy comes across as having his whole life figured out.  He has everything under control and doesn’t allow anyone or anything to get in his way, which includes you.

This is the type of guy who puts work above everyone and doesn’t stop until he reaches his goals—every last one of them.  And although this sounds like every woman’s dream guy (who doesn’t want a hard worker and a go-getter?), we’ve got news for you.  First, good luck getting his attention and spending time with him because his mind will never be on you and always on work, work, and more work.  Actually, he’s already in a relationship with his career, and no one will get in the way of that.

2. The Mysterious Guy

This guy is so mysterious you barely know anything about him, and it can be very frustrating to date him.  It can be very annoying to be with a guy who keeps everything hidden.  Really, it’s just a total waste of time.  To prevent yourself from falling for a guy like this, pay attention to the message he sends you.  Does he reveal anything when you talk, or are his messages cryptic and hard to figure out?  If he doesn’t open up and never shares anything about his life with you, he’s not just mysterious—just shady.  Don’t waste another second your time with a guy like this.

3. Liar Liar

This guy is everywhere in today’s dating scene.  He will lie to you about anything under the sun.  Every woman has met a guy like this.  He literally loves lying and gets a kick out of it.  Whether it’s lying about what he ate for lunch, where he went after work, or what errands he ran on Saturday, he’s never reliable, and it’s annoying to be with a guy like this.

You should never date a guy who lies to you, even if it’s about little things.  Lying creates a very toxic environment.  Spotting a guy like this from the crowd can be tough, but if you’re already dating a guy who is lying to you—big or small— make sure you end it today.  Our Houston matchmakers know you deserve to be with a man who is truthful, trustworthy, and reliable.

4. The Bad Boy

The bad boy is that guy who will do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  If he wants to go out with the guys, he’ll do it (Yeah, even if it’s your one-year anniversary).  If you date this type of guy, then you better get used to it.  He still has the mindset of teenage boy who gets away with everything.

So how do you spot a bad boy?  Well, pay attention to his actions.  If he does whatever he wants with no explanation and not a care in the world, then you need to walk away from him.  You need to find someone who appreciates you and the relationship, someone who puts time and efforts in to you.  Stop giving your time to bad boys (no matter how great they look) because they’ll never change their bad boy ways.

These are the worst single men in Houston to fall for on your journey to love.  If you want to meet relationship-minded men in Houston, contact our Houston matchmakers today and let us introduce you to mature and sincere men who are fit and ready to be in a committed relationship.  We thoroughly vet every client to ensure they’re fit date and an overall great catch.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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