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Staying with your partner when you clearly want to break up doesn’t just hurt you, it also hurts them. Are you trying to find the best time to break the bad news? Find yourself putting it off week after week? Our Houston matchmakers encourage you to continue reading to find out why you shouldn’t postpone a breakup. Read on to find out which awful excuses you shouldn’t use to postpone a breakup and why you should end it right away.

Bad Reasons to Postpone a Breakup

Today, our Houston matchmakers are going to show you bad reasons to postpone a breakup. It won’t be easy, but you need to muster up the courage to end this broken relationship today.

1. It’s the holidays.

When the holiday season rolls around, people usually think of being with the people they love. First on this list is usually their partner. But if you’re postponing the breakup because the holiday season is near, you’re not really helping anyone or making things better.

You’re falsely making it seem like your relationship is okay when you know it isn’t. It’s best to just get the breakup done and over with right now so you guys can move on and heal. Then you can each find the partner you’re truly meant to be with.

2. They have a good heart.

Just because your partner has a good heart doesn’t mean that you have to stay with them. If you’re not happy, then you’re not happy. You can’t make yourself stay with someone you don’t want to be with. This is not a good reason for postponing a breakup. Your partner could have the biggest heart in the world, but that doesn’t matter if you aren’t in love with them.

While you may be making them happy by staying in the relationship, the only thing you are doing is making yourself feel miserable. The sooner you get out of this unhappy relationship, the better it will be for the both of you.

3. You’re afraid to be single.

If you have never really been alone, it can feel really scary or maybe even intimidating to be alone and on your own. If you are delaying the breakup for the sole reason that you are afraid of being single, then it’s time to put the relationship behind you. You need to be strong and cut ties so you can move forward and start building your new life.

You should get used to being on your own and learn to enjoy your own company. The only person who will ever fully have your back is yourself.

4. He’s going through something difficult.

We have all gone through something difficult in life. Yes, being with someone can make those difficult times seem a little more bearable, but that shouldn’t be the glue that is keeping the relationship alive.

This may sound a bit cold, but he is going to go through many obstacles and challenges in life regardless if you’re together or not. If you delay the breakup because of this, by the time you finally decide to call it quits, he is just going to be going through yet another difficult time. Life is full of obstacles, and we can’t shelter everyone from those bad times. You have to do what is best for you in the end. That doesn’t mean you have to be coldhearted or rude, but you shouldn’t stay and give him false hope of your love.

5. You’re close with their family.

That’s wonderful that you get along so well with their family, but it’s no reason to stay in a relationship if you’re not happy with them. You spend your day-to-day life with them, not their family members. It’s a partnership between the two of you, so you must be happy with them.

Breakups are never easy. No one wants to break someone’s heart. But you can’t put off a breakup because it’s not the right time – or any other reason. If you’re not happy and know there is nothing you can do to change your feelings, you need to do the right thing. You need to muster up the courage to break the news right away.

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