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Are you traveling with your partner for the first time? Congratulations to you! Traveling is very romantic.  There is something magical about exploring a new place together and creating long-lasting memories with your partner.  You’ll watch breathtaking sunsets and eat delicious foods.  You’ll see beautiful landscapes and live it up in exotic destinations.  But as Houston matchmakers with nearly 30 years in the dating industry, we know traveling isn’t always romantic.  That’s right, traveling can also be humbling, challenging, and stressful.

You can get caught up in torrential downpours, miss your train, face troubles with cancelled flights, be exhausted from all the walking you do around the city, and endure pain from an unexpected sunburn or jellyfish sting.  But all these things make for great stories and memories, right?

Our Houston matchmakers know that taking a trip together for the first time is a very important milestone in a relationship.  Better yet, if you travel well together, you have a higher chance of staying together.  Think about it, there’s nothing like traveling to bring out a person’s true colors.  So if you’re taking your first trip as a couple, you want to follow this helpful advice from our Houston matchmakers.  Remember these traveling tips to minimize the stress of your first couple’s vacation and solidify your bond with each other.

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1. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a recipe for heated arguments.  Of course your first trip as a couple is exhilarating, so you might get caught up in that excitement and stay up until the wee hours of the night.  But beware because it can lead to ugly times and unwanted confrontations the next day.  If you plan to stay up all night, whether partying or sightseeing, make sure you sleep in late the next day.  Get plenty of sleep so you wake up refreshed and energized to have fun with your partner all over again.  Trust us, there’s nothing worse than a cranky partner who is sleep deprived.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Make New Friends

Of course, since this is your first big vacation together, you’re going to spend the majority of your time with your significant other, but you also want to spend some time making new friends.  Meeting new people together is a wonderful experience and a fun way to explore your new location.  After all, no one knows the area better than the locals.  They can point you to hidden beaches, thriving nightlight, and awesome restaurants.  Take advantage of their opinion and explore new places and sights together.

3. Be Comfortable with Long Silences

When you’re with your partner all day every day, like you’ll be on your first vacation, you’re bound to experience long moments of silence.  You will exhaust every topic of conversation imaginable and will have nothing to talk about.  And guess what?  That’s okay.  In fact, it shows that the two of you are comfortable together.

When you’ve reached a point where you no longer have to fill awkward silences, you know you’ve reached a huge milestone in your relationship.  Long flights or train rides without having to say a word means you enjoy each other’s company.

4. Learn to Compromise

Be tolerant of your partner’s preferences.  You might hate to lay in the sun all day while your partner is a sun lover.  You might hate ethnic cuisine, but your partner has been waiting to taste the local food for a whole year.  You might be dying to ride elephants while your partner is not fond of the idea.  Instead of putting their activities and ideas down, learn to compromise.  After all, you don’t want to get into an argument on your first couple’s vacation.  Learn to compromise for each other so you each get to do a little bit of what you want.  The idea is to meet somewhere in the middle so you can both have fun on your first trip as a couple.

5. Carve Out Some Me Time

Of course you want to spend the majority of your time together, but even on a vacation you need some alone time.  Carve out some me time and do your own thing.  Whether that means heading down to the beach and soaking up some sun while your partner explores the jungle or meeting up with some friends while your partner goes to the spa, spending time alone will also help your relationship.  You will miss your significant other and be happy to reunite.

Are you getting ready for your first vacation as a couple?  Use these five helpful tips from our Houston matchmakers and get ready for the best vacation ever.

If you’re single and looking for a significant other to travel and explore the world with, contact our Houston matchmakers today and let us be the ones to introduce you.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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