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A lot of romantic movies make it seem like finding love is so easy – you can literally stumble across it while doing your grocery shopping. And that any conflict is quickly resolved with communication. While that definitely presents a nice view of love, in reality, relationships are more complex than that. You are combining two lives into one. There’s a lot of compromise to be made and a lot of communication needed to make thing work.

However, there’s a certain point when a difficult relationship becomes a toxic one, one that you absolutely shouldn’t be in. It can sometimes be tough to give up on a relationship if you feel like it was once picture perfect, or if you’re terrified of the thought of being single again. So what do you do? You ignore all the red flags. There’s a certain amount of compromise that’s okay, but at some point, you shouldn’t be letting your partner make you feel bad about yourself, nor should you feel like you’re doing everything to make them happy and getting nothing in return.

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Today our Houston matchmakers will show you how a toxic relationship ruins your life.

1. You Can’t Trust People Again

Trust is, without a doubt one, of the most important aspects of a relationship. If you can’t trust your partner, the entire foundation of your relationship is shaky, and things will never work out in the long run. If you have the type of partner who breaks your trust time and time again because of lying or cheating or other toxic behaviors, there’s a very real chance that you have some trust issues. Don’t let one bad apple spoil your relationships for life. You deserve to find a partner you can trust wholeheartedly.

2. You Can’t Stop Thinking of the Things He Said

You should absolutely be honest with your partner in a relationship, and it’s reasonable to give constructive criticism when needed. However, in general, you’re supposed to be your partner’s number one cheerleader in life, the person who supports them in everything from family issues to career choices.

In a toxic relationship, your partner may have been endlessly critical about everything from your appearance to your behavior, and even though you might have started out with a lot of confidence, it’s easy for that to get chipped away, little by little. After a toxic relationship ends, you could end up dwelling on some of those critical things your partner used to say to you time and time again.

3. You feel Drained

Even healthy relationships are work, and there are times when you just feel tired and like you need a break. That’s completely normal. What’s not normal, though, is feeling absolutely drained, day after day. If you feel physically, emotionally and mentally drained from your relationship, that’s not okay. Your partner should be the person you go to when life doesn’t go your way, not the one who’s causing life to feel horrible. After you come out of a toxic relationship, there’s a very good chance that you’ll just feel totally drained for a long time. The key is to work on yourself and realize that this feeling won’t last forever.

4. You Feel Like You Put Your Dreams on Hold

When you’re in a relationship, it only makes sense that you not only grow as a couple, but as your own individual selves. You should also be pursuing your own paths and passions in life. In a toxic relationship, your partner may very well hold you back and try preventing you from pursuing your dreams for selfish reasons.

Perhaps he doesn’t want you to realize you could do better than him, perhaps it’s a controlling tactic on his end and he wants to make sure you don’t find your worth in other areas of your life. The point is, he holds you back, and that’s not healthy at all. When you get out of a toxic relationship, you realize that you’ve been putting your dreams and life on hold.

Whether you’re in a toxic relationship now or experienced one in the past, you need to move on with your life and get back to being the amazing woman you once were. It’s time to realize your self-worth, work on your self-esteem, and move on to bigger and better things.

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