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It’s true that emotional pain hurts more than physical pain. When you’ve been reduced to an option, it’s a form of betrayal, which is, unfortunately, impossible to avoid or prevent, as people can put you lower on their priority list for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s simply because they’re not mature enough to be in a relationship.

There are many articles written about red flags to watch out for when you’re dating someone new. There is also a lot of advice to see where you rank in someone’s priority list.

But today we are going to look at the other side of the coin. We are going to show you the signs he sees you a priority.

Let’s hope you can reciprocate his feelings because if you do, we know fireworks are going to fly for you.

So let our Houston matchmakers show you the top signs he sees you as a priority in his life.

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1. You don’t have to fight for his attention.

This is one of the top signs everything is fine in your relationship. It’s incredibly empowering for a woman to know that she’s needed by her boyfriend. In an unhealthy relationship, though, where a woman is only an option for the man, the feeling of beating a dead horse is all too common.

2. The relationship flows smoothly.

In an ideal relationship, where your boyfriend deems you as a top priority, you will feel as though the relationship is going through the natural course of events: you make one step, he makes another, and with join efforts, you slowly but steadily build something meaningful.

On the contrary, in a relationship where you’re just an option, it’s you who makes all the plans and puts in all the effort so that the relationship could function at all and you can keep the relationship together.

3. You don’t feel used him by him.

If you’re his number one priority, you’ll fortunately be spared this in-your-face evidence that you’re only a convenient option in his life. Being used for one reason or another is never a pleasant revelation.

Indeed, some men choose to spend time with a certain woman if she’s able to cater to one of his many needs; be it fun in the bedroom, security, or having a back-up plan.

If you don’t feel used by your friend and the thought almost feels foreign to you, then you are a priority in his life.

4. He replies in a timely manner.

Yes, there’s a great degree of variability when it comes to answering text messages. But, in general, quicker response time equates to treating you with the respect you deserve.

If your boyfriend can’t be bothered to get back to you in a timely fashion, then the odds are that his mind is preoccupied with more important things, none of which are you.

5. He changes his plans to fit yours.

If your boyfriend adapts his plans so that they can be more in line with yours, then there’s no need to worry because he clearly sees you as a priority in his life. Yes, successful relationships are primarily about a hefty chunk of compromises and sacrifices for each other.

After all, if relationships were so easy to handle, everyone would be in a happy relationship, and there’d be no need for dating articles.

On the other side, a man who only sees you as an option wouldn’t do this for you. Instead of making an effort to adapt a little bit and try to make the relationship work, he’ll be gone before you know it. A man who truly cares for you won’t give up on you so easily.

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