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Men and women have totally different priorities when it comes to dating and noticing what really matters on a date.

Do you want to impress her on the very first date and leave her wanting more? If you really know what women always notice about men, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to impress her pretty quickly and land that second date you want.

And you know what they say, first impressions matter – they matter a lot.

Unlike men, who don’t notice a great deal of things, women are a lot sharper on a date.

They invest a lot of time and effort in their appearance, and they expect their date to look sharp and be primped for them, as well. So what are the things they notice on a date? Men, you will be surprised after your read this blog.

Today, our Houston matchmakers will show you what women notice on a date.

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1. Cleanliness

You definitely need to be clean on your date. Women like guys who are well groomed and put together. Even if you’re rocking a little stubble, it should look like every strand of your hair is there to accentuate your face.

Clean hair and nails, crisp clothes, and a fresh face will go a long way to impress her. And no bad breath, please. No woman would ever want to be around a guy who stinks.

2. Nice Clothes

Women love labels and nice clothes, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good for your date. But do yourself a favor and pamper yourself with some nice clothes that are fresh and in style.

Learn about style and what best suits your body and look. Some labels may be on the expensive side, but they cost a little more because they look good and make you stand out. If you want to splurge on a few key pieces, go for it. But while you want to be in style and up to date with the latest, don’t forget that you must only dress for your personality. If you don’t feel comfortable, you’re not going to be confident. And we all know that confidence is key in the dating world.

3. Conversation Skills

Girls want a guy who knows how to keep the conversation flowing. So are you a smooth talker? If you stutter and splutter and run out of things to say half way through dinner and resort to saying things like, “So, you were saying something about,” this is a big no-no.

A woman wants to be with someone who knows how to keep an interesting conversation going. Bring up your hobbies and interests and ask about hers. Tell her what makes you tick and why you’re so passionate about your job and ask the same of her. Find common ground and make suggestions for future dates from what you gather about her life.

4. Attentiveness

You have done all the above things to impress her, but this wrong move can be a date killer. There’s nothing more insulting for a woman than to see her man staring at other women or breaking his neck to ogle the bartender every now and then. When you’re out on a date, remember that all eyes should be on your date. You can ogle at all the beautiful women and stare at them all night long when you are out with the guys. On a date, your main focus should be on her.

Do you have a big date coming up? Use these inside tips to ensure you’re ready and can make a great impression on her.

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