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When it comes to knowing how to text a guy you’re into, things can get tricky. It sounds easier than talking face-to-face, but it’s not. Sure, you have more time to think of a reply, something funny to say and something to grab his attention. But there is also a chance for miscommunication when it comes to talking via text.

Now, we’re not trying to scare you, but you do need to have your texting etiquette down pat if you want to be successful. As a Houston matchmaking service with 30 years in the Houston dating industry, we never thought we would be helping clients create a connection via text, but here we are – times have changed. Read on and discover our top tips for getting and keeping a guy’s interest with texts.

If you aren’t getting the dating results you want from your usual texts, now is the time to switch things up a little and start using these proven texting tips from our Houston matchmakers. It could be something really small that you need to add to your texting style, something along the lines of showing him you’re into him romantically (not just in a friendly or professional manner). Or perhaps you need to stop texting your new love interest all the time so he feels he needs to chase you. See? It’s all in the little details.

Let our Houston matchmaking and dating experts show you how to text a guy with style and success.

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1. Always be yourself.

This is the most important tip for texting the guy you like. Just be yourself. When you’re talking from behind a screen, sometimes you might put on a show just to impress him. But don’t do this. When he sees you in person, he will see a completely different person, someone much different from the one he thought he was talking to all this time. Really, what’s the point in lying? You want to build a meaningful connection based on truth and commonalities.

2. Don’t argue via text.

If you get into a debate or have an argument, don’t try to solve it via text. We know it’s much easier to confront someone over a text than in person but doing it via text won’t solve anything. Either call him or wait until you see him in person. There’s far too much room for miscommunication via text, especially since you can’t hear tone of voice.

3. Always be positive.

If you text a guy that you like, you want him to see that you’re a positive person. You’re the person that makes him feel good when he’s not having a good day, the one who can make him smile and laugh. Don’t be a Debbie Downer, because no guy wants to be with a woman who is always killing his mood and bringing him down. So always be positive in your texts. Be the light he wants to be around, the one person he looks forward to hearing from after a long day.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask him something.

You don’t have to wait for him to ask you a question. It’s okay to take the lead, be the one in charge and ask him questions. Keep in mind that, in reality, you want to ask him questions to get to know him, just like you would if you were out on the date. Go ahead and ask him some basic questions in a non-interview type of way.

5. Stay clear of one-worded answers.

If he only gives you one-worded answers, then giving him one-word replies is fair. Give him as much as he gives you. But if he asks you questions about yourself and you only reply to him with a “lol” or “haha,” you’re not creating conversation or space for him to ask you a follow-up question. You have to keep the conversation going back and forth like a ping-pong match if you want things to get off the ground.

6. No drunk texts.

Stay away from drunk text messages. When you’re sober in bed and you get a drunk text, you usually aren’t too excited, especially if it woke you up when you have to be up early for a work meeting the next morning. You picture them as a drunk mess at the bar or a house party. It’s not attractive or mature. Just enjoy your drinks and keep your phone away. Sending drunken text messages might seem like a good way to get out those flirty things you want to say, but you never want to give him the wrong impression and make him think you can’t control your alcohol or that you’re not mature enough to talk to him like an adult without it.

Use these six tips the next time you’re about to text your new love interest. Good luck and happy texting.

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