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The holidays are a very busy time but they can also be very romantic if you show down and plan them right. Think about it: all those blinking lights, romantic songs, and cheery holiday movies can add a pleasant touch of romance to your life. Why not take advantage of this holiday season and do something festive and romantic with your partner?

If you’re going to be super busy during the holidays, it’s easy to get stressed out and forget to spend quality time together. Don’t let that happen to your relationship. If you have been looking for an opportunity to break out of a rut and spend quality time with your significant other, the holidays provide you the perfect opportunity to do so. Let the best Houston matchmaking service show you our favorite festive holiday date ideas to try out this year.

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1. Ice-Skating

Check out your local indoor ice-skating rink and have some fun on the ice with your partner. Don’t worry if you never ice-skated before, and don’t get embarrassed because you don’t have to be an Olympic level skater to have fun in the rink. You and your partner can hold hands and learn how to ice-skate together.

2. Christmas Markets

Who doesn’t love to do a little shopping during the holiday season? Holiday markets are popping up everywhere in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Do a little Google search and find the closet market, then check it out. Normally these markets feature homemade items and artesian things that make unique gifts or great décor for your home.

3. Holiday Lights Displays

Does your community have a big tree lighting event that you didn’t know about? Well, start searching now. These events are usually free and full of fun, treats, fireworks, and plenty of lights. New York for example is famous for its Rockefeller Center, but every city has their own special event. The display doesn’t have to be massive. It can be a simple Christmas tree. You and your partner will still have fun.

4. Gingerbread House

Making a gingerbread house together is the holiday equivalent to carving a pumpkin during Halloween. It can be a little complicated, but its super romantic, trust us. You don’t have to be a Susie Homemaker to make a gingerbread house because there are many gingerbread house kits for beginners. Don’t worry, you’ll do just fine.

5. Christmas Movie Marathon

There are plenty of holiday movies you love, such as Home Alone, A Christmas Story, Elf, and even Frosty the Snowman—you know the movies we’re talking about—the ones you watch every year because they’re classics. Well now that you’re in a relationship, it’s time to invite your partner over and get comfy for a movie marathon date. Swap traditional movies, enjoy popcorn and delicious treats, and don’t forget the eggnog.

6. Volunteer Together

The holiday season is all about helping those in need. The perfect way to embrace the holidays is by volunteering together. You can wrap presents for children in need, serve meals to the homeless, donate and help at the local food bank, and even stuff stockings for those who are less fortunate.

7. Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping needs to be done anyways, so make it as fun as you can. Have fun finding gifts for the people on your list and take your time together. Your partner will be happy to spend time with you even if it is just shopping. Hey, before you know it, you’ll have crossed off all the people on your Christmas list.

8. Decorate

Deck the halls, literally. Whip up a festive holiday drink and start decorating with your partner. Don’t forget to put on some Christmas music to get into the holiday spirit.

The holiday months give you a great opportunity to spend quality time with your partner. The holidays don’t have to be stressful if you know how to plan right and take full advantage of them.

If you’re single and dreading spending the holidays alone, contact our Houston matchmaking service today and let us introduce you to quality singles who are also looking for love. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!



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