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Does it feel like you have no clue what’s going on inside his mind? Are you worried where the relationship is headed? Today, our Houston professional matchmaking service will show you what men really think about relationships.

Men are very complicated creatures, probably the most difficult sex to understand. Although they say women are complex, men are even more difficult to figure out. One minute they’re lovey dovey, the next they feel distant; one minute they are kind and caring, the next they are rude.

The whole Venus and Mars thing is very true here.

But before you lose your mind trying to figure out his, our professional matchmakers here at Houston Singles will show you how to get inside a man’s mind and figure out what he thinks about relationships.

1. He Is Afraid

You need to understand that your man is afraid of a serious relationship. It is natural, and it’s something that all men feel. He is probably wondering if he is making the right choice, and he probably feels pressure from all his single friends to stay single and enjoy the single life. He needs to think very hard before he gives his most vulnerable asset to you, his heart. This is not an easy task for men.

2. You’re More Important than His Friends

He knows that his friends are clowns. While they’re busy living the single life and trying to pick up women at clubs and bars (without any success in sight), the truth is, your man already knows he is so lucky to have you in his life. He appreciates all the things you do for him, and because he knows you are the best thing that ever happened to him, you are more important than all his friends.

He will always put you first, no matter what. He will make sure your happiness comes first, no matter how much his friends bug him to go out. Your man is not an idiot, and he knows what he has with you.

3. He Is Fully Dedicated

Have you ever met a man who got his heart stomped by a woman, so badly that he never wanted to trust another woman again? You probably know someone like this, right? But once he is able to get over that hump and is able to give his heart to you, his heart will belong to you.

He will love you, he will desire you and want to be with you forever, but if you break his heart, he will compare you to every other woman on the planet. And this will make it hard for him to ever trust another woman again.

4. He Behaves Like a Clown Because…

If your man acts nonchalant about the relationship, it might be because of a few good reasons. First, he could be nervous that he is falling head over heels for you and his brain is not processing it quite right. Love works in weird ways.

Second, he could be acting nonchalant because he is hoping you’ll call things off so he doesn’t have to spiral down this heart wrenching thing people call love. In other words, he may be afraid of what it’s like to fall in love.

5. He Doesn’t Know How to Open Up

Once your man stops behaving like an idiot, he will try to open up to you. Here is something men don’t know how to do very well. Men have a hard time opening up, so whether it’s trying to tell you his feelings or how he doesn’t want to feel vulnerable, he’ll have a difficult time doing it.

6. He Has Placed You on a Pedestal

You are your man’s queen. He loves you and adores you above any other woman on the planet. No woman can ever compare to you. No woman has your scent, your beautiful smile, and your luscious hair. No one is like you and he adores that.

7. He Might Have Gotten Cold Feet

After he realizes that you are a great woman, someone who is perfect for him, he might not be sure he deserves you as a partner, making him get cold feet. You need to let your man know you love and adore him being in your life too.

8. He Is Very Jealous

No matter what type of relationship you have with this man, he will always be jealous if another man talks to you, especially the ones who make you laugh. Your man wants to be everything to you, and he will be very jealous of other men around you.

If you flirt with other men, if you sit near them, or if you laugh at someone else’s joke, he will go crazy. It’s not just a territorial thing men do, it’s the fear of knowing someone else can make you happy.

9. Men Need Grieving Room

In every relationship, men need their breathing room. He needs to be able to go out and play golf or poker with his friends. He needs to be able to take a break from the relationship and go from relationship mode to guy mode. It’s okay, don’t worry.

The truth is, he doesn’t want to be on guy mode for too long. But men do need a little breathing room once in a while. And of course you should let him have it because he’ll come back to you.

10. He Adores Your Quirks

The one sure thing your man thinks about in the relationship is you and your quirks. Whether it’s the way you fold your clothes, the way you make your coffee, or even how you never curse, your man knows that no other woman will ever do it the way you do. No woman will ever laugh like you or eat the pizza crust first like you. Your uniqueness is something that made him fall in love with you.

If you’re not yet in a relationship, but ready to welcome love into your life, contact our Houston professional matchmaking service today to find out how we can help you. We’ll introduce you to quality men who are also serious about dating and settling down.

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