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Sometimes you get lucky and meet a guy that you instantly connect with. It’s rare but it does happen. Here at Houston Singles, we’ve seen it many times in our matchmaking ventures, and nothing makes us happier than when we pick a perfect match that leads to instant chemistry and attraction. How can you spot this type of chemistry when you experience it yourself?

I feel like a princess near you.

Today, our expert matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service are going to show you the top signs you and your crush have great chemistry.

1. Your heart stops when you see him.                  

Even if you’re only afforded a super quick glimpse of him, it’s enough to make you melt. You typically go out of your way to try to bump into him even if is only for a few minutes. If there’s a social event going on, you’ll 100% show up because it gives you the perfect opportunity to see him and hopefully chat with him.

2. When you make eye contact, it feels so good.

There’s so much head between the two of you, it kind of makes the sun jealous. You only have eye contact for a few seconds and you feel like your entire body is burning on fire. That said, it doesn’t hurt – in fact, it feels great.

3. You get nervous when you have to talk to him.

You might have only exchanged a few words so far, but every one you utter comes out jumbled or back-to-front. Butterflies aren’t just fluttering around in your belly, they’re doing jumping jacks in your stomach. You literally can’t stop yourself from shaking when you try to speak to him. In fact, most of what comes out of your mouth doesn’t make much sense.

4. He seems to feel the same way.

That said, he also seems to get nervous when you come around and he has to speak to you. Whether he’s 30 or 50, he’s definitely messing up his words as much as you because he also feels the same raging heat between you. It feels invigorating just to speak to him, especially when you pick up the signs he’s nervous and excited to be around you too.

5. There’s an instant click.

You guys seem to have an immediate connection, and it’s blatantly obvious to everyone around you. Perhaps other people have said something about it. Well, what can you say? You just get along with him really well. Lucky you.

6. He’s all you think about all day long.

You’re so consumed by this other human being that you might even be struggling to concentrate on your work and other everyday activities. Not cool, but we get it. If you’re sidetracked and have one thing on your mind at all times, then it’s clear you have to do something about it.

7. Other guys don’t even exist to you.

There’s clearly only one guy you’re interested in and you’d do anything you could to be with him. It’s almost like nothing else in the world matters to you. You’re drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

8. You feel like a giddy, happy-go-lucky teenager.

No matter how old you are, you feel the same urge as you once did with your first crush back in high school. The intoxicating feeling of lust is overwhelming yet compelling. Every time you see him again, it’s like getting hit of your own personal drug and your addiction just seems to get out of control.

So tell us, do you think you share chemistry with your crush? If you notice a handful of these signs and behaviors, then you definitely have a spark going with this new guy who’s captured your attention.

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