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Not a great date

Whether you met a brand-new guy from a matchmaking service like ours here at Houston Singles or you locked eyes with a handsome guy at a local restaurant, it’s an exciting time for you. Your roller-coaster of feelings can go from zero to a million miles per hour. After chatting with your new love interest, and the anticipation starts to build up, it’s completely understandable to picture the perfect life together.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, those dreams of ‘happily-ever-after’ don’t usually come true. There are multiple reasons why the date could potentially go south. Some of them can be attributed to your guy’s inability to understand what you need in a relationship.

Here at Houston Singles Dating Service, our goal is to help our clients understand how to be an ideal date. There are hurdles they must jump through, though. Learning some common dating blunders other single men in Texas can be beneficial. It’s a recipe for change if our male clients want to find love.

Today, our professional matchmakers are going to reveal the most common ways men ruin first dates.

1. They talk excessively.

Picture this: you’re sitting across from your guy, and you have the urge to look at the time because he can’t stop talking. Did he pause for one second? Has he eaten a single bite of his meal? Have you said a single word during the entire night?

There are multiple questions that can run through your mind when your date can’t stop talking. Why doesn’t he allow you time to insert yourself in the conversation? When you find yourself waiting for a chance to say something, the forecast for a second date is pretty much gone.

2. He orders food for you.

Multiple choices are made when it comes to planning the first date. Sometimes, the choices are made well into the date itself.

If you’ve chosen a specific restaurant, hopefully you will have an idea of what type of food you will be eating that day. However, sometimes, your date could out himself as a food expert by taking the liberty to order something for you.

While he might be thinking this is super romantic and kind, quickly let him know you’re not into that. Your meal choice should be up to you. So unless you otherwise stated that you wanted him to choose something, or you asked him for a suggestion, your food is off limits to him.

3. He’s super nitpicky.

When it comes to dating, the word “nitpicky” can have the ability to send everyone into a tizzy. The “nitpicky stage” can begin during any point of your interaction. But no time is really a good time to be nitpicky.

There’s a huge difference between knowing what you want to do and refusing to listen or compromise when it comes to planning for the date. Even though it might be hard, try to remain patient with your guy. Try to understand what he wants to do. If he refuses to compromise for you, though, kick him to the curb.

Have you ever been on a date with a guy who did any of these things? Have you ever not given a guy a second chance because of something else? If so, share it with us so we can help all the men out there become better daters.

Tired of dating guys who don’t have any first date manners? Contact our Houston Singles matchmakers today. Let us introduce you to successful single men in Texas who are respectful, attractive, and compatible with you.

If you’re struggling to find love on your own, it’s time to outsource the search to the experts. It’s time to stop leaving your dating life up to chance.

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