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Mature dating in Houston isn’t exactly easy. That’s why it’s so easy to stay with someone who isn’t right for you. It’s natural to care for someone and only see what you want to see. But after a while, those lingering doubts start to catch up.

If you’re getting the feeling that your partner doesn’t appreciate you, it’s nothing to be overlooked. In fact, it’s a major sign that maybe he’s taking you for granted.

You don’t deserve to be with a guy who doesn’t see your value.

Today, our Houston matchmakers are going to reveal the telltale warning signs he’s taking you for granted.

1. He doesn’t notice when you buy new clothes.

Sometimes guys genuinely don’t notice everything a girl does to look pretty, sure. But it’s pretty easy to tell if something is brand new. Plus, if it’s something you like, you’ll be showing it off and glowing with happiness. It’s important that he acknowledges the little things since even though you’re primarily dressing for yourself, part of you wants to look good for him too.

If he has a slip up or two, we get it. But if he never notices anything you do, it’s time to question why.

2. He doesn’t ask you if you have plans before making his own.

He always assumes you have nothing going on in your life. That, or he figures you’ll cancel your plans to do whatever he wants to do. Partnerships should always be equal. If you promised your mother you’d visit her Saturday, he needs to respect your plans with your mother. He can’t assume that you’re going to drop your plans to do what he wants to do.

3. He can’t remember the names of your friends/co-workers.

If you like to talk about your workday with him all the time, it’s just rude if he can’t remember the names of you friends/co-workers. Yes, you’re the one who works with them every day. And yes, sometimes people are bad at remembering names. However, if he still can’t remember after being together for a long time, it shows that he doesn’t pay attention when you talk. He clearly isn’t interested in hearing about your life. We’re sure you remember his friends and coworkers, right?

4. He doesn’t care about your career.

No matter what you do, your boyfriend has problems acknowledging it’s a good job or career path. He might have old-fashioned views that men are responsible for handling all the work while women should be at home cooking and cleaning. Thus, whatever you do to earn money is just temporary in his eyes, even if you are really into your career and want to move up the career ladder.

5. He checks out other women.

It’s completely natural, but like all human behaviors, it’s also something that can be controlled. Even if you’ve pointed it out and told him that you don’t like it, he always has an excuse for when it happens. Just know that this is a huge sign that he’s not really checked into your relationship. It doesn’t mean he’s going to cheat on you right now, but it does mean he’d consider it down the road. Either way, it’s blatantly rude. Believe us, you don’t deserve this.

6. He doesn’t go to your family events.

He’s already written it off as being a pain in the rear. Maybe it won’t be the most exciting event of the year, but it’s kind of important to you. A real gentleman will understand that it’s important to spend time with both families. If he refuses to go with you to family events and reunions, it shows he takes you for granted.

How many of these behaviors do you notice in your guy? Is he taking you for granted? If so, you don’t deserve it. You deserve a guy who is going to love and adore you, someone who values and appreciates you and everything you bring to the relationship.

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