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Chances are you don’t have any interest in being with someone who is clingy – at least we hope not. Our Houston matchmakers know clinginess comes with a whole slew of relationship challenges. Above all, you could be in for a rocky road of extreme jealous with a clingy guy.

You might not want to be dating someone who is clingy, but how can you know before you get into a relationship with him?

Warning Signs He’s Clingy – Run!

Today, our Houston matchmakers are going to show you the top warning signs of a clingy guy. If you notice a few of these clingy red flags, you might want to stop and think about what you’re getting into with this guy.

1. He needs to be with you all the time.

No one wants a clingy guy. Uh-uh – NO ONE! You see that, ladies? Our Houston matchmakers warn you that clingy guys do not make for good partners. It could truly be a disaster with them.

If you’ve been on a few dates with him, or you have just started dating, he might let the cat out of the bag. Whether he gives subtle clues or comes right out and proclaims it to you, he lets you know that without you, he has nothing. You are the world to him already.

Basically, he is no longer his own person because he has made you his life. In other words, he constantly wants to be with you all the time. You must hold his hand and drag him wherever you go. You might be thinking how sweet that sounds but trust us on this one, ladies. It will get old in no time. Furthermore, you don’t need a mature man that’s behaving like a child.

2. He doesn’t trust you.

If you miss a call from a stage 5 clinger, this is exactly how it will go: he will start picturing different scenarios of you spending time with another guy. And let us also add, whenever he finally gets a hold of you, he will not keep calm. He’s going to let loose and show his anxiety. Why such behavior? Because need men always have the idea that you’ll drop them for a better guy. And let’s be honest here, you probably should. Save yourself now before he keeps losing it on you for not answering his calls.

3. He doesn’t have any friends of his own.

You may think you have a sweet guy who always wants to hang out with you over everyone else. But ladies, beware because this is ultimately sign of a clingy guy. Plain and simple, he has no friends. He doesn’t have anyone in the world but you – you who he’s now fixated on.

Whether you went on one date or started dating him exclusively, if he’s always spending time with you and shooting his friends aside, that’s a problem. He needs to spend time outside of the relationship. It’s healthy to spend time with other people doing the things he likes to do. If he doesn’t have a life of his own, beware. You’re going to become his whole world.

4. He interrupts when guys flirt with you.

We tend to ignore some of the early signs of a stage 5 clinger. Unfortunately, this is why we wind up dating one. We actually have a little secret for you.

It’s easy to tell the type of guy you’re dealing with by watching the way he reacts to certain situations. For example, you’re out with friends and have another guy approach. You’re not dating this guy yet, but he reacts like you are his girlfriend. In fact, he shows up like he’s your personal bodyguard. This is the first sign of trouble. You’re not even seeing each other and he’s acting like this. Can you imagine how he’s going to act if you’re in a relationship?

5. He doesn’t want you going anywhere without him.

Because it wasn’t enough that he ditches his friends and follows you around. Now this guy expects you to do the same. If your guy is hinting or straight up telling you to stop going out with your friends, you need to open your eyes. He is trying to isolate you and prevent you from having a life of your own. This all goes back to his insecurities and concerns of you leaving him for another guy.

Nothing good is going to come of a relationship like this. You need to get out now before he sucks the life and self-esteem right out of you.

Ladies, there are so many great guys out there, why end up with someone who is only going to bring you down? Avoid dating clingy guys by keeping your eyes open for these five red flags. Trust us, you’ll thank us in the end.


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