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Whether you believe in fairy-tales or not, there is no doubt that some people tend to be more right for us than others. While there is no such thing as the perfect person, there is definitely someone out there who is perfect for you.

That person will pick you up when you’re feeling down, they’ll cheer for you to accomplish your goals in life, and they’ll be by your side for anything. Now that right there is what we call a soul mate.

A soul mate is someone you’re truly compatible with, someone you’re meant to spend your life with. Do you dream about finding your soul mate? We’ve got news for you: maybe you’re already with him. If you are unsure if the man you’re dating is your soul mate, check out the following signs from our Seabrook matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service to get your answer. If you found your soul mate, hold on tight and don’t let go!

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1. You don’t have wandering eyes.

Let’s face it, even when we’re in a happy relationship, we can’t help but to have wandering eyes. Of course we don’t cheat, but we might think about someone or fantasize about a stranger. But if you’re with your soul mate, you don’t have wandering eyes because you’re complete.

Sure, you might notice the hottie at the coffee shop, but he won’t cross your mind again because your heart already belongs to your boyfriend.

2. You complement each other in every way.

After you started dating him, you quickly realized that you complemented each other. We’re talking about serious things, not just liking the same food truck or country band. For example, maybe he flies off the handle at the littlest things, while you’re more relaxed and calm, so you’re able to help him take a deep breath and see things in a different light. Or perhaps you lack motivation to get up every morning and go for a run, whereas he is full of energy and gets you excited about exercising and taking care of your body.

Either way, you complement each other’s weaknesses and bring out the best in one another. If you lack motivation, he pushes you in the right direction. And if he needs help calming down, you’re always there for him. Together, you’re an unstoppable team.

3. You’re honest with each other.

In the past, you were a woman who tended to play a few dating games with the men you dated. After you met them, you took a little bit longer to reply to their texts. Even if you did start dating them, it took months for you to open up to them. For some reason or another, you found it hard to trust men. But that has changed since meeting him.

With your soul mate, you’re completely honest from the start. From the day you met him, you connected and opened up to him. You never felt like you had to play hard to get; in fact, you never once thought about playing games with him. If he texted you, you answered him right away. If he asked you a serious question, you were always truthful. You have always been open and honest with him from the start.

4. You’re in tune with each other.

It seems like the two of you know what the other is thinking. If he had a bad day at work, you can tell from the second he walks in the door. In fact, you can tell by the way he texted you throughout the day. If you’re at a social gathering and he makes a face, you already know he’s thinking the same thing. If you are under stress, you don’t have to say a word for him to know. If you’re feeling self-conscious, he’s always gives you reassurance.

The two of you are always observing each other and looking for clues to what the other is thinking. That being said, you don’t assume things about him. You let him tell you or show you what is going on and do the same for him. You both know neither of you is a mind reader.

5. There is a lot of chemistry.

Sparks were flying from the very second you met him. You’ve experienced sparks in the past but nothing like you have with him. You’re both attracted to each other, and the feelings you have for one another can’t be put into words. Even though you’ve been together for a while, those sparks are still there.

You have a hard time keeping your hands and eyes off each other. You truly believe he’s the most wonderful man you ever met, and he knows he’s lucky to have you as a woman.

6. You want the same things in life.

Even though the two of you aren’t the same people and don’t have the same exact goals in life, you do have similar ideas of what you want in the future. Perhaps the two of you want to have children, or maybe you want to settle down and retire in the countryside. You talk about where you want to be in life and what you’ll do to get there.

If you disagree on certain things, you always find a way to work through it as a team. As a team, you decide what’s best for the both of you. On top of that, both of you are willing to make compromises for the relationship. When it comes to important things in life, like children and career, you’re both on the same page. However, on the smaller issues—like vacations, weekend plans, and savings—you might not agree but always meet in the middle.

So tell us, is he the one, or are you still searching for your soul mate?

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