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houston matchmakersUnfortunately, sometimes we fall for people who don’t necessarily have the same feelings for us. Many serious singles in Houston know this feeling all too well. It’s hard when you’re searching for real love and fall for someone who’s not – or worse, just doesn’t see anything romantic with you.

This can often lead to some complicated feelings and emotions. When we find ourselves falling for someone who only see us as a friend, the term “friend-zoned” comes into play. Ouch, it’s time to face the fact that you’ll never be his girlfriend.

More often than not, once you have been branded as a “friend,” there is no way to get out of it. It’s too late to be seen as a romantic partner. If you appear to fall short of crossing the line of being his girlfriend, it can be extremely frustrating. If you get the feeling that’s where things are heading, read on. Our Houston matchmakers have five surefire signs that will let you know you’re being friend zoned.

1. He has no problem telling you embarrassing things.

Usually, when people are trying to impress someone that they like, they will keep embarrassing things to themselves.

Revealing those embarrassing moments that make us blush usually come later in the relationship. If the person you are interested in seems to have no problem telling you all his embarrassing stories, there is a good chance that you are heading for the friend zone.

2. He always mentions that you would look good with someone else.

So you have fallen for someone yet they always seem to want to set you up with one of their friends. At the very least, they always seem to say things like, “Do you know how you would look good with?” Then, there is pretty much nothing you can do because he only sees you as a friend. It’s a subtle way of him trying to tell you that he doesn’t want anything to do with you. Sorry, ladies, it doesn’t get any more clear-cut than this.

3. He doesn’t take you out on dates.

If you hang out with the guy you like regularly, yet no matter how hard you try, you two never actually go out on a real date, beware. There is a good chance he doesn’t want to date you.

Maybe you were already been friend zoned a while ago and didn’t realize it till just now. You have become someone he likes spending time with, but he doesn’t see you as a romantic partner. It sucks, but you can’t force a romantic connection that may have never been there in the first place.

4. He always tells you that you are a great friend.

Look out if he’s started using the word “friend.” If he starts referring to you as his “good friend” or if he tells you that you are a wonderful friend that he never wants to lose, you may never be able to leave the friend zone. He is doing his best to let you know he only sees you as a friend. Take his hint and don’t keep chasing him.

5. He doesn’t mind talking dating advice.

Whether he’s lending or asking, he doesn’t mind discussing dating advice with you. If he talks about his dating life and asks about yours, beware. Be especially on the lookout if he straight up offers you dating advice or asks you for some pointers. If he’s openly talking about dating and girls that he’s into, he’s positioning you in the friend zone.

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