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You haven’t made up your mind just yet. The uncertainty is making you wonder if you actually found the right guy.

In this article from our Sugar Land matchmakers, we will look at the telltale warning signs the guy you’re dating is actually only wasting your time. It’s not fun, but it’s better you find out now. Right?

1. He talks about other women.

When you start thinking about getting serious with someone, it’s time to stop looking at other people. Sure, you’re always going to run into good-looking people, but there’s no need to say anything to your partner about them. If you’ve reached a point where he’s the only guy you think about and you want to make the relationship official, you never talk to him about other guys being handsome, right? Exactly, and he should do the same.

If he makes comments about other women that he finds good-looking, whether it’s in front of you or to you, it’s a clear sign that he doesn’t really care about you. He should understand that this type of behavior is completely unacceptable.

2. He still checks out his dating apps.

Everyone knows that when you enter a serious relationship, you delete your dating apps. And yet, there are still some guys out there who will keep the apps on their phones – even when they’re in a serious relationship. They might make excuses like, “Oh, I honestly don’t use it,” but every girl should be on high alert for this one.

If you’ve been hanging out with a guy and talking to him for a while, yet he still has dating apps on his phone, he’s just wasting your time. There is no good reason to be on dating apps when you get involved with someone. He’s obviously on them because he’s still looking for a hookup. If you’re getting into a relationship, it’s pretty much against the rules to be turning to dating apps.

3. He’s always on his phone.

We’re all addicted to our phones these days, and no one is denying that. But when you’re around someone special, you should be able to put the phone down and enjoy your time together. If he’s glued to his phone every time you spend time together, it’s a warning sign that he doesn’t really care about spending time with you.

You should be able to have a meaningful conversation with him without him being glued to his phone. Whatever is happening on social media isn’t as important as spending quality time with you, and he should be able to know that. So pay attention the next time the two of you are spending time together… Is he constantly checking out his phone? Even worse, does he seem nervous every time he checks his notifications? Maybe there’s something he’s hiding from you. If he can’t put his phone down, you need to walk away from him.

How many of these signs do you notice in your guy? Is he only wasting your time?

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