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It would be nice if you could behave like your true self on a first date and have everything magically work itself out, but you already know it doesn’t work that way. Dating is like a game of chess where each person must make strategic moves, always presenting themselves in a good way. And when someone slips up, it can ruin everything.

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What You Must Never Do When Dating

Our upscale Texas matchmakers here at Houston Singles have come up with a list of immature dating habits that could be sabotaging your romantic life. Read on to ensure you’re not guilty of making any of these bad dating habits and causing your own dating demise.

1. Not Dressing Properly

Some people think it’s okay to go on dates dressed down; after all, they think they’re showing their true selves… Wrong! Showing up in stained shirts, beat up sneakers, and ripped up jeans is immature. And it’s certainly not the right way to leave a good first impression.

2. Being Too Drunk

When you’re out with your friends it might be acceptable to get drunk or tipsy; after all, that’s what your friends are there for, to have a good time and let loose. But as a mature dater who is looking for a serious relationship, showing up to drunk or getting drunk while on a date is unacceptable and downright disrespectful.

3. Being Flashy

There is a high chance the person you’re going out with will be interested to hear about your success stories and accomplishments; however, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Coming to the front of the restaurant with your Harvey Davidson and revving your engine so it sounds like a lawnmower is the wrong way to do it. Pulling up to the restaurant squealing the tires of your fancy Porsche is immature. If the person you’re dating is impressed by those things, then you’re not dating the right person.

4. Bodily Functions

Don’t think we’re kidding when we mention this one, because people do talk about it on dates. Talking about your bathroom habits be acceptable to you, but it’s downright disgusting to your date. And we shouldn’t have to tell you, but belching or passing gas is also a major no-no. If you need to use the restroom, then excuse yourself politely. As silly as this sounds, you would be surprised how many people out there actually do or talk about these things on dates.

5. Showing Up Late

Some people, especially ladies, think it’s okay to arrive “fashionably late.” But men who are looking for a serious relationship will not tolerate this bad dating habit. Showing up late might be okay with your friends, but it’s never acceptable on dates. The person you’re going out with has taken time out of their precious day to see you, so show them some respect. Showing up late shows them you don’t care.

6. Dominating Conversation

A good date consists of two people engaging in a good conversation, but nothing can spoil a date quicker than when one party decides to dominate the entire conversation. If you go out on a date and talk without a pause, you’re not going to get to know your date. And worse, they’ll think you’re self-centered.

7. Wandering Eyes

You’re on a date with someone who you’re supposed to be interested in, so why in the world would you be looking at other people? Having wandering eyes is a particularly bad dating habit to have, and men are especially guilty of this. It is insulting, immature, and not likely to earn you a second date.

8. Treating Others Poorly

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat other people—receptionists, waiters, taxi drivers, and bartenders. You could have done an amazing job impressing your date while out together, but if you treated the staff badly, in any way, shape, or form, you blew it.

New flash: treating others poorly is not going to impress anyone. Your date will surely see that you’re putting up a façade to impress them, but your true colors are coming out in the way you treat others.

9. Gluttony

If the two of you are out at a restaurant, then always mind your manners. Don’t treat your date like an occasion to eat until you blow up or as though you are a prisoner on death row eating your last meal. Eating like you’ve never seen food before is a huge turn off and ordering every item on the menu is disgusting. If, for any reason, you have a large appetite, our Texas matchmakers encourage you to eat a little something before your date to calm that beast inside your belly. This is not a contest to see who can eat the most, and you’re certainly not going to impress your date by eating like a pig.

10. Cursing

We all know that you’ll have a drink or two on your date, but what happens when you do that? Your tongue will loosen and you’ll feel relaxed. When you feel relaxed, conversation will flow easily but so will curse words. If you curse like a sailor, then rest assured you’re going to turn your date off. It makes you look immature and your date will probably be embarrassed by it.

If you want to make it to a second, third, or fourth date, then it’s time to stop committing these bad dating habits many Houston singles are guilty of. Otherwise, you’ll be spending this New Year’s alone.

If you’re not having any luck in your romantic life, contact our Texas matchmakers today and let us help you meet Houston singles who are like-minded and compatible with you. We also offer dating coaching and relationship counseling to ensure you have success in your romantic life!

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