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Why do you keep your ex around? Is it because you’re afraid to let him go, or is it because he still has feelings for you and continues to pursue you? Let us tell you something: exes are meant to be exes, not friends. Sure, you might know a few people who remain friends with their exes, but is it healthy for them to continue playing this game?

The truth is, not moving on is hurts, and that’s just it… As long as you keep your ex around, you’ll never be able to move on. If you want to heal, you must first let go and learn to be alone.

Staying fiends with your ex will only hold you back because it won’t allow you to move on and continue on with your life. As an upscale dating service in Houston, we’ve seen it many times before. We help our clients fully heal and move on, and we’re here to help you too. Let us show you why you need to let go of your ex, once and for all.

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1. It Gives You Power

You relied on them so much over the past few years that you’ve forgotten how to do things on your own. Now that the relationship is over, you need to step away from them completely so you can start doing things on your own once again.

Take time after your breakup to figure out how to do things all by yourself. Instead of reaching for the phone to call them, check online for instructions on how to do the task yourself. Learning to do it yourself will give you power, and that’s definitely something you need right now.

2. You Need to Move On in Your Romantic Life

Some people have a problem with this one. They keep their ex in their life as a friend, have a few drinks, and before you know it are back in the bedroom together. Don’t do this!

Ex sex will only damage you more. It tells everyone that you haven’t moved on from them. Instead of turning to your ex, find a new hobby, volunteer, or hang out with friends. Take a hike, go on a day trip, get out for an adventure, or do whatever it is you love doing.

3. It Scares Off Potential Partners

How would you feel if you started dating a new guy who was in constant contact with his ex? We don’t know about you, but none of us would be thrilled about that. You’ll always worry if they’re going to hook up behind your back or if they still have feelings for one another.

How do you think other men feel when you’re in constant contact with your ex-boyfriend? The next guy you date is most likely going to feel threatened. No one wants to get involved with someone whose ex is lurking around.

4. He Might Still Have Feelings for You

He was a really good guy, but you didn’t feel as though you loved him. To set him free, you broke up with him and promised to stay friends. Several months have gone by and the two of you are still good friends. You’ve moved on, but he’s still single. And you know why… Because he still has feelings for you.

Since you’re certain you’re not in love with him, you’re going to have to be cruel in order to cut ties. Delete him from social media, block his phone number, and eliminate any other forms of communication. Avoid places where he hangs out and stop doing nice things for him all the time.

5. It Doesn’t Help with the Pain of the Breakup

At first, it might seem like a good idea to stay friends with him. And since he’s the one who wants to break it off, you don’t want to let him go just yet. You offer to stay friends and do your best to show him your good side with hopes he comes back to you. But doing this will only prolong the pain; after all, you’re not giving yourself time to heal from the breakup.

A slow breakup, or one that’s dragged out by friendship, doesn’t heal the pain of the breakup but rather increases it in the long-term. Instead of forcing yourself to be friends with him, learn to walk away. It might be tough at first, but you’ll be glad you did.

6. His Newfound Happiness Might Hurt You

The relationship might have come to an end, but you remained friends in hopes that he would one day change his mind. Instead, one month after the breakup, he started dating someone new. You checked out her profile online, and she seems like a wonderful person. You feel jealous, miserable, and bitter, all while wishing she weren’t so amazing.

On the flipside, you could be the one in a new relationship. Suddenly, your ex—now friend—is texting you 24/7 asking you to reconsider. He obviously still has feelings for you and doesn’t want to lose you.

In both cases, the best move is to move on and let go of each other. Remaining friends is prolonging the pain for both of you.

7. It Gives You Some Much-Needed Me Time

After a breakup, you need to be able to walk away from your ex altogether so you can begin the process of healing. It doesn’t matter who broke up with who, you both need time apart from each other to heal from the breakup. You should spend some time reflecting on what went wrong, examining the way you handled things, and what you plan on doing in your future relationships.

You need to let go of your ex so you can use this time to create a new solo plan and set new goals in life. Enjoy the quiet you now have in your life and embrace your single status. Many people put their relationship above all else and neglect their own needs and desires. Well, now that you’re single, it’s time to get back to yourself. You need to move forward, not backwards.

Letting go of an ex is tough, but it’s something you need to do if you want to heal and find love again. If you have let go of your ex and are now searching for love in Houston, contact our expert matchmakers today and request your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation today. It’s time to date like you deserve with the top upscale dating service in Houston!

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