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Whether through a friend, an ex-partner, school acquaintance, co-worker or boss, we all learn what it feels like to be around someone who’s toxic. But did you know that many couples today do things every day that are actually toxic. Behaviors that you and your partner might be doing without even knowing? Our Uptown-Galleria matchmakers want to help you ensure you’re not hurting your own relationship without even realizing it.

After all, these toxic habits can cause your relationship to end.

Today, our Uptown-Galleria matchmakers here at Houston Singles are going to the reveal toxic habits of couples. If you’re guilty of any of these bad habits, you need to drop them today.

1. Refusing to forgive and forget.

Forgiveness is a very important aspect of a relationship: if there’s no forgiveness, you can’t move forward and begin to have trust in each other.

If you can’t bring yourself to let go of something your partner did in the past, you’ll start resenting them for all their wrong doings This is a bad habit that will end up destroying your relationship.

We often think this type of thing is normal, or we’re so used to doing this to people we’re not involved with that it just boils over. If you can’t forgive them for things, even little things, the relationship will become toxic.

2. Dealing with drama.

For some of us, our dating lives have been nothing but drama. Whether it’s going through a lot of breakups that disrupt your entire life, a steady string of partners who all know each other, or relationships defined by lots of unhealthy behaviors, most of us have been there. That’s honestly normal in today’s dating scene. What isn’t normal is not learning from past experiences and seeking out a relationship that’s not healthy. Many of us are so quick to say that drama follows us around and we refuse to see that we are the cause for the drama.

3. Looking too much at the social media.

Stalking someone on social media that you’re starting to date is becoming the norm today.

While looking someone up on social media is one thing, keeping tabs on your significant other is toxic behavior. Unfortunately, a lot of times, we’re told that is normal, but it’s not.

Stalking your partner on social media is just your way of proclaiming to the world that your relationship has absolutely no trust, and unfortunately most relationships don’t last long if they don’t trust one another.

4. Spying on the other person.

Social media stalking is one thing, but if you’re taking that behavior outside of social media, that’s even wore. Not only are you showing that your relationship has no trust, but you’re also actively breaking the trust in the relationship. Worse yet, you’re showing that you’re not relationship material. If you’re uneasy in your relationship and have a reason not to trust your partner, there are so many more steps to take to save your relationship before you resort to spying on them.

5. Only hanging out with each other.

While it’s vital to spend quality time together, you should exclude the rest of the world. You should interact with your family and friends and pursue your own hobbies. It’s great if you’re spending time with your families as a couple, as well as attending other social events and gatherings with friends. It’s not healthy if you’re closing yourselves off from the rest of the world. This will cause co-dependency in the relationship. You’ll end up suffocating each other.

Do you think you’re guilty of any of these toxic habits in your relationship? If so, it’s time to nix these behaviors today and save your relationship.

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