Why Beautiful Single Women in Houston Have It Hard in Dating

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It’s true, beautiful single women in Houston have it very difficult in the dating scene.  As professional matchmakers, we hear the complaints all the time.  Women who are 9s and 10s struggle to attract quality men because they don’t know if they’re serious about them or just want to take them to the bedroom.

Very attractive women have it harder in their dating life because they don’t know a guy’s true intentions.  The Houston dating scene is already difficult to navigate, but it becomes even harder when you’re one of the many beautiful single women in Houston.  Today, our Houston matchmakers are going to share the struggles beautiful single women in Houston face every day in their dating lives.

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1. You’ll be approached by players.

Players are players, and they have one thing on their mind—all they want to do is sleep with as many women as they can.  Why?  Because they have confidence—and arrogance.  They see a beautiful woman and have no problem approaching her.  There is something about a beautiful woman that simply draws them in.

If you’re a beautiful woman, then you know this all-too-well.  In fact, you probably get approached every time you go out.  Some men will use their money, power, or status to try to impress you.  If you’re beautiful, you’re probably laughing right now because this has happened to you many times before.  Are we right?

2. Women will think you’re a player.

So many women have been hurt in the past by men who didn’t see them as a whole.  Many of them have become jaded and will always have their guards up in their dating life.  And guess who they blame for that pain?  Beautiful women like you.  The more beautiful you are, the more they’re going to blame you.  This is especially true if their partner cheated on them with a beautiful woman.

3. Jealousy will always lurk around.

If you’re a beautiful woman who got lucky and found a boyfriend, your partner might feel like he always has to look over his shoulder.  Insecurities will run at an all-time high.  Your boyfriend might monitor your social media accounts to see who likes and comments on your stuff.  If you have attractive exes who are liking all your pictures, then you’ll definitely be questioned about them too.

If you’re beautiful, then friends and coworkers can be seen as opportunities for you to cheat on him.  As matchmakers, we know that jealousy is paired with insecurity, but if you’re beautiful, your partner will be even more insecure.  Ugh, as if relationships aren’t hard enough.

4. You’ll wonder about every man’s motives.

The more beautiful you are, the more often men are going to try to sleep with you.  That means any compliment you get, any nice gesture you receive, or any look that’s passed your way will be taken with suspicion.  You might wonder if he’s doing this because he’s genuinely nice or just because you’re beautiful.  If you’re approached in public, you will automatically assume it’s because you’re beautiful.

Are you tired of wondering about every man’s intentions?  Are you sick of trying to figure out what their motives are with you?  Then it’s time to invest in our Houston matchmakers and let us introduce you to men who have no ulterior motives.

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